Food & drinks

Roasted coffee from Etna, fresh sheep ricotta, Tarocco orange or kumquat jam, crema di mandorle, lemon nectar, homemade cakes and granola, pandoro, salumeria from Palazzzolo Acreide, almonds, pistachios from Bronte…. all Sicilian gourmand treasures and only of Sicilian origin start your day. An experience to be elegantly enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the tiled roofs and the deep blue sea.

For your evening aperitivo, prosecco along with carefully selected wines from the slopes of Etna and Sicilian beers are served alongside artisan cheeses, salumeria, cappugliata, caponata, acciugata, mortadella and delicious sausages from Cassibile.

Our accomodations

What will your future nest be?

The Quinta

La dolce vita of Ortigia! This winter garden transports you outdoors at least for those who want to lounge on the terrace bathed in sunlight. This superb suite is 57m2 and is comprised of an entryway of 10m2 furnished with


The Quarta

The mermaids sing…. Welcome to the captain’s daughter’s cabin on your imaginary sailing vessel. Located on the second floor, the Fourth Suite offers 2 balconies that overlook the roofs and sky of Ortigia. The bathroom favors dreaming and relaxation that


The Seconda

An invitation to travel! You enter into a “dimora” of soft tones and a relaxing atmosphere. The bathroom itself is a living room made for relaxation. This suite of 48m2 is comprised of an entryway of 10m2, a large bedroom


La Terzina

La piccolina ! You are in a cocoon sheltered from the noise of the city. Perhaps it is the smallest at 23m2 but certainly not the least!! We have showered the room with beautiful pieces! And the shower itself is

The Prima

The most Sicilian of all! Think about a grandmother’s room, where you are transported back into a Visconti film or a Puccini opera. Located on the first floor, this magnificent vaulted room measuring 38m2 has 2 balconies overlooking Via Larga.


Stay and live in Ortigia This apartment on the top floor is yours.  Live the rhythm of life in Siracusa, cradled by the sea, welcoming also your family and your friends. Located on the top floor, this “Attico” is as