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Conceived as the nonna’s camera, it transports you to a Visconti film or a Puccini opera… Located on the second floor, this magnificent 38m2 vaulted room has 2 balconies overlooking the beautiful via Larga.


An invitation to travel! You enter “una dimora” with its soft tones and soothing atmosphere. The bathroom is a real living space, ideal for relaxation.


You’re in a cocoon, sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city. The smallest of our rooms (23m2) is far from being outdone. We’ve spoiled it with some beautiful pieces!


Welcome to the cabin of the daughter of the captain of an imaginary ship. Located on the second floor, the Quarta suite has 2 balconies overlooking the rooftops and skyline of Ortigia.


La dolce vita in Ortigia! This superb 57m2 suite features a 10m2 entrance with sofa, a large 26m2 living room, a 15m2 bedroom and a magnificent 15m2 sheltered terrace. The winter garden transports you outside, unless you prefer to sit on the sun-drenched terrace.


Stop time and live in Ortigia! This top-floor apartment is yours to live to the rhythm of Syracuse, lulled by the waves of the Ortigia sea. Entertain family and friends in this 80m² apartment.